stainless steel stair handrails

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Installation Guide

TO install stair railing or other products, the tools you need are:
• A hammer
• A circular saw (carbide tipped with fewer than 20 teeth is the best)
• A level
• A tape measure
• A rasp
• A chalk line

To fasten the deck, use 2-1/4 #7 stainless steel trim head screws to minimize the chance of metal corrosion or stain. It is very important that you not use lower quality nails or screws as they can rust, which will leave marks or stains on the new deck.

Make sure your joists are level and spaced 16" on-center. When installing at an angle, span joists 12" on-center to maintain the proper strength and support necessary. In cold weather installations (below freezing), spacing should be increased to 1/4" for butt joints. This allows for thermal expansion when temperatures return to normal. Follow installation guidelines.

when install stair railings, position the boards in place and fasten. Once the boards are in place, adjust the blade depth of your saw to match the thickness of your deck. Use the chalk line to mark your cut (use white chalk). Rasp the edges to finish.